Inside Of An Evanesse Leak-Proof Bra

Evanesse: How It Works

Evanesse: By Kasselot is the proud brain child of inventor Lee-Anne Kassel. The revolutionary leak-proof nursing and baby wear solution that caters to the needs of both mothers and babies.

Our Technology

Evanesse garments transfer body moisture from your skin to the outside of the fabric where it disperses into the special membrane region of the cup. Keeping you dry, Keeping you comfy

Introducing Evanesse: The Revolutionary Magical Range

Experience the ultimate comfort with Evanesse, our innovative Magical range featuring advanced engineered membranes.


These specially developed garments effectively transfer moisture from your skin to the fabric’s exterior, where it disperses into a unique membrane area. Once there, the moisture is efficiently evaporated thanks to your body’s natural heat, ensuring a rapid evaporation process. With the constant dispersion of moisture through the dual layers, the milk moisture evaporates quickly and effectively.


Our state-of-the-art Waterproof breathable membrane acts as a barrier, preventing fluids from reaching your outer garments. This means you can confidently enjoy a normal day or evening without worrying about embarrassing leaks or discomfort.

Inner Lining specifically engineered for the Evanesse Range

The Evanesse membrane has excellent absorbency, efficiently wicking away milk moisture.

It also makes cleaning easier, as the fats and proteins from the mother’s milk won’t clog the flow, promoting better hygiene.

Furthermore, the inner lining reduces the clinging effect to the breast, providing a more comfortable experience.

Experience the incredible softness of Evanesse against your skin, combined with its superior moisture management system that enhances evaporation through the membrane region.

Membrane Region

A special waterproof & breathable membrane is inserted into the layers of the Evanesse range. The combination of the inner lining and the membrane work to evaporate milk moisture and keep you dry.


It is the hydrophilic (Affinity for water) or hygroscopic (inherent ability to absorb moisture) nature of our membrane technology that allows moisture to pass through it by the absorption-diffusion-desorption process.


This conveyance of moisture from the inside to the outside of the membrane ensures that the fabric is waterproof on the outside but breathable on the inside, guaranteed to keep moms and babies fresh and dry.


The vapor transmission rate on a breathable film reaches approximately 2,500g/m2 (2.5 liter/m2) during a 24-hour period, at room temperature of 21°C, milk temperature of 30°C, and 60% relative room humidity.


The Spillt technology is a full liquid barrier while allowing milk moisture transfer because of its high breathability and permeability.


The high degree of comfort is due to quick evaporation (moisture management).

Moisture Flow System: A Simple Explanation

  1. Milk moisture released from your breast – Body temperature.
  2. The milk moisture comes into contact with our soft and comfortable wicking (absorbent) inner lining, which moves the milk moisture away from your skin into the membrane region. The moisture flows from your skin to the membrane due to the higher temperature on the inside of the breast/bra, forcing it away from the heat into the membrane region.
  3. This highly breathable membrane further wicks the milk moisture away to the external air (colder temperature), where a wicking system allows it to evaporate.
  4. This process is aesthetically pleasing and supportive.
  5. The wicking system allows for the evaporation of milk moisture on the other side of the membrane.

This milk moisture cannot go back in, ensuring a leak-proof design. It provides both functionality and peace of mind.

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