Evanesse: Awards

An extensive range of awards are available to recognize the exceptional Evanesse products and patents that meet the distinct needs of breastfeeding mothers. These accolades honor the creativity, functionality, and ingenuity of Evanesse’s commitment to offering practical and innovative solutions, ensuring a smooth and stress-free breastfeeding experience. Evanesse is proud to have been acknowledged with awards that showcase the remarkable contributions made by the our innovative inventors.

Innovative Inventor

Lee-Anne founded Kasselot (Pty) Ltd, a company devoted to maternity lingerie and most recently expanded into various babywear products all featuring the patented leak-proof technology we have come to love. Its signature product, the Evanesse breastfeeding bra, is an elegant, leak-proof bra that draws moisture away from the breast using patented evaporative technology.

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Evanesse In The Press 2.0

” For Lee-Anne Kassel, years of hard work and perserverance have finally paid off. She hopes that her invention is one that most nursing mother will appreciate “

– Noor-Jehan Yoro Badat

Photograph of Lee Anne Kassel In The NewsPaper Holding Up Her Invention