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Welcome To Evanesse

Introducing Evanesse by Kasselot – the revolutionary leak-proof nursing and baby wear solution that caters to the needs of both mothers and babies.

Our Guarantee

As a brand committed to providing superior comfort and convenience, Evanesse is designed to ensure that you and your little one can enjoy uninterrupted sleep and hassle-free nursing sessions. Equipped with cutting-edge leak-proof technology, Evanesse guarantees to keep both mom and baby dry, from sleep time to nursing time.

Our Brand

Experience the ultimate in baby clothing and nursing wear technology with Evanesse – Keeping You Dry, Keeping You Comfy.

Evanesse Technology

Evanesse our Magical range, has engineered membranes to allow increased comfort in wear. Evanesse garments will transfer body moisture from your skin to the outside of the fabric where it disperses into the special membrane region of the cup.

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Meet Our Team

Darryl C

Chief Sales Executive

Lee Anne K

Chief Executive Officer

Anne C

Chief Financial Officer