Evanesse Elite Membranes


 The inner most liner is engineered to allow increased comfort in wear. The garment will transfer milk moisture from your skin to the outside of the fabric where it disperses into the   special membrane region of the cup. (Will not be allowed back in)

 The unique membrane facilitates a further evaporation process using your natural body heat. The milk moisture evaporates rapidly due to the constant dispersion of moisture   through the 2 layers. Our Waterproof breathable membrane prevents milk from reaching your outer garments. You should be able to spend a normal day or evening with a   comfortable dry feeling and no embarrassing leaks to your outer garments.

 Inner lining specifically engineered for the Evanesse Range: Added advantages and features.

 Our unique interlining gives increased comfort during wear because the Evanesse membrane will absorb( wicking) milk moisture much more readily

 It is easier to remove oily combination by washing- The fats and proteins of the mother's milk will not clog the flow of milk, which is more hygienic.

 Reduce clinging effect to the breast.

 The wicking system increases evaporation through the membrane region.

 Very soft against the nipple.

 Membrane Region: Added advantages and features of our specially engineered membranes. Safety data sheets.

 A special waterproof & breathable membrane is inserted into the layers of the Evanesse range . The combination of the inner lining and the membrane work to evaporate milk moisture and keep you dry.

 It is the hydrophilic (Affinity for water) or hygroscopic (inherent ability to absorb moisture) nature of our membrane technology that allows milk moisture to pass through it by the   absorbtion-diffusion-desorption process.

 This conveyance of milk moisture from the inside to the outside of the membrane ensures that the fabric is waterproof on the outside but breathable in the inside, guaranteed to   keep mums fresh and dry.

 The vapour transmission rate on a breathable film reaches approximately 2,500 g/m(2.5 litre/m2) during a 24 hour period , at room temperature 21�c milk temperature 30�c and   60% relative room humidity.

 The Spillt technology is a full liquid barrier, while allowing milk moisture transfer because of the high breath ability and permeability.

 The high degree of comfort is due to quick evaporation. (moisture Management.)
 This moisture flow system is a very simple explanation.

 1) Milk moisture released from your breast - Body temperature.

 2) The milk moisture comes into contact with our soft and comfortable wicking (absorbent) inner lining which moves the milk moisture away from your skin into the membrane   region. The moisture flow from your skin to the membrane is because of the higher temperature on the inside of the breast/bra forced away from the heat into the membrane region.

 3) This membrane being highly breathable will wick the milk moisture further away to the external air (Colder temperature) where a wicking system allows it to evaporate.

 4) This is aesthetically pleasing and supportive.

 5) Wicking system allows evaporation of milk moisture on other side of the membrane. This milk moisture cannot go back in allowing it to be leak-proof at the same time.