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 the first leak-proof baby grow! A mother And baby's dream. A safe  non allergic membrane which keeps babys dry of all sweats, urine and vomits, their body heat evaporates all fluids. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of magical baby grows and vests.Our mission is to provide best solutions for mothers and their Angels. 

The first leak-proof baby grow.

Keeping your Angel’s dry and comfy, 

A safe, non allergic membrane uses a baby's body heat, to evaporate all body fluids.

A patented, multi layered garment, the inner lining is baby vest material, that wicks baby's body moistures into a membrane region. Keeps your baby dry, between nappy changes.

While Breastfeeding and little Angels that bring up milk, the fabric will not absorb these fluids.

Winter chills and flu are reduced.

Baby Sweat's are reduced.

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0-3 Months - R249.99     x2 Magical Baby grows - R459.99

3-6 Months - R269.99      x2 Magical Baby grows - R479.99

6-12 Months - R289.99     x2 Magical Bbay grows- R499.99


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